How To Avoid Car Burglaries

Aside from homes, cars are often the target of burglaries including in Romford. Parked cars usually are unattended making it susceptible for burglary. Due to this fact, it is equally important to take care of your car just like your house to discourage burglars from attempting any action. Here are several tips in minimizing the chance of having someone broke into your car courtesy of Romford Locks.

  1. Consider the parking location – The place where you park your car should be well lit and bright. Bright places make it difficult for burglars to do suspicious activities with your car. Dark places are perfect for burglary since they provide perfect cover for their actions.
  2. Lock all doors – Sometimes we forgot to lock the door. It is important to check if all the doors are locked before leaving the car. If you leave a door unlocked, it is like saying you can check and get what is inside my car.
  3. Lock all windows – Check if all the windows are close. Open windows will make it easier for burglars to open the door or simply grab the valuables from the car.
  4. Do not keep any valuables in the car – Gadgets like cellphones, tablets or laptops are easy to carry and sell which make them ideal to steal for burglars. Do not leave any of them to minimize the value of stolen items in case criminals can gain access to your car. Leaving behind money and jewelries is also unwise. They are easy to carry and will definitely attract unwanted attentions if left inside the car especially in plain sight. Important documents might also attract burglars since it can be used to blackmail you for more money.
  5. Always take the keys with you – Your keys are very important. Burglars can use your keys to steal the whole car and if done unnoticed, your car will be long gone before you can even alarm the police. Another common scenario is that people who stole cars simply drove the cars throughout the highway causing havoc to other drivers which might eventually ruin the car. This could increase your car insurance premiums.
  6. Close the garage after parking the car – If you have a garage always park your car inside it and then make sure it is locked. This will make it harder for burglars to gain access to your car unlike cars parked in plain view.
  7. Make sure your car alarm works – Always check your car alarm for it is an important piece of your car security system. If the alarm sounds, burglars will fled the scene right away.
  8. Hire locksmiths in Romford – Have a locksmith check if the lock in your car can be easily accessed or hard to unlock. Replace the lock if necessary including the one in the trunk.Car+Window

Your car is important to your life. It provides you transportation as well as storage for important stuffs that you need to carry all the time. Make sure you take all necessary precautions in order to avoid car burglaries. Always remember that minor practices could make a difference of avoiding such situations or being involved in one.

Is Your London Leaflet Distribution Targeted?

By now you have probably heard how cost-efficient leaflet distribution is as a marketing campaign. You also have probably read about different things to do in order to get the most out of it. However, there is something that calls emphasis, which is exactly what you’re about to find out here.

In the marketing field, people believe that compared to the message that you are trying to get across, it’s actually the receiver of the message which is more important. Do you actually know who your target market is? It is vital that before you proceed with your leaflet distribution, that you plan it carefully around your target customers. A company such as Outre Creative, a branding agency London can make this process an absolute breeze. They are re-branding experts, get in contact with them today!

Question is, how do you do that? You will have to come up with concrete information about your potential clients in order to make your leaflet distribution work in favor to you. The demographic profile of your target market will greatly help so that you can target your leaflet deliveries better. The things that you have to know are their property type, property ownership, life stage, and wealth.

Knowing this information will allow you to devise the delivery plan that fits your target market better, in return for you, there’s a higher possibility that you get a favorable response from them. Why is that so? Because even if your leaflets are cleverly designed, you’re sending them out consistently, your content is clear, concise and relevant; you still wouldn’t get results if you are not sending them to the right people.

There you have it! I hope I have made the importance of targeted leaflet distribution loud and clear. You should treat it as equally essential as the content, design and consistency. Some may tell you that you have to prioritize one or the other but I would have to say that the perfect balance of them would bring you a brighter outcome.

Should You Buy or Lease Your Office Photocopier?

Nowadays, photocopiers also serve as printers, scanners, and fax machines, making them an essential piece of office equipment. This is why many businesses don’t have to think twice about obtaining a copier. The only question is whether you should lease a machine or buy your own.

Leasing a Copier

Leasing a photocopier involves a contract that allows you to keep the machine for 3 to 5 years. The leasing company will cover repair and maintenance costs while you use the machine. When the lease expires, you can return the copier or exchange it for a newer model when you decide to renew the contract.

Many businesses prefer this arrangement as it requires very little cash up front. Leasing also gives you access to high-end models that would otherwise be out of your budget range. The equipment upgrades you can receive every few years are also very attractive.

The biggest downside to leasing is probably the paperwork: your company’s financials will be examined minutely before the contract is finalized. Leasing may also be more expensive in the long run due to the fees and interest rates you have to pay.

Buying Your Own Copier

Buying your own photocopier is a straightforward process: you find a machine that will meet your company’s needs, you pay for it, and you take it to your office. The equipment will belong to you, so you’ll have full control over its functions and maintenance, and you can keep the copier for as long as you need it.

The main problem with buying a copier is that you need to shell out a large sum of money all at once. A good copier can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $10,000, and some small businesses can’t afford that. You also have to acknowledge the risk that the quick turnover of technology may make your machine obsolete in just a few years.