Coffee taking the over nation

If you’re British then you’re probably used to everyone expecting you to drink tea. It’s a century old stereotype but let’s face it we love it. There are so many quintessentially British cultural traditions that we wouldn’t do without. The only difference being that these traditions is evolving.

Brits everywhere are swapping their teas for coffees and there is no surprising why when there are coffee shops popping up on every street corner. They have a certain allure to them with their free wifi and kitchy décor and abundance of hipsters sitting in there getting their daily fix.


It’s almost like it’s become an addiction, some people can’t walk two feet without a coffee cup in their hand. They’re even reinventing coffee itself with iced lattes, frappucinos and skinny mocha whatever-they-ares. I almost feel lost walking into a coffee shop now because I just don’t know what to pick.

I myself still remain an avid tea drinker but to be slightly honest I am converting.There’s nothing better than a nice hot drink to wale you up in the morning and your hands warming up against the paper/plastic coffee cups.

One thing is for sure coffee may be becoming the new stone that Britain is built on. A nation under one drink, coffee. Noble Espresso, Mobile Barista London and get your daily fix and it’ll guaranteed give your day the boost it needs.