Things you need before becoming a teacher

It goes without saying that teaching is a noble profession. Hence, this is one of the reasons why teachers are respected everywhere around the world. No matter what subject they may teach, whether they are a music teacher from Teach Tutti or a college lecturer fror law, teaching is a tough career path. Teaching as a profession can be extremely demanding, both mentally and physically. But it has its rewards as well. If you have the desire to indulge in teaching, you need to know certain elements before becoming a teacher. Let us have a look.

Time commitment is a must

The span of time, say around 7 to 8 hours that you spend at work must be 100% committed to the kids. You have to realize that your commitment towards preparing lesson plans and allocating assignments and giving not just textbook lessons, but practical lessons are equally vital as an effective teacher at Cognita schools. Apart from the working school days, you have to take part in school plays, sports day, club meets and even going on excursions with kids.

Feel underpaid

The commitment, time and the hard work that a teacher offers is simply impeccable. In relation to it, the pay is not so high. So, there is every chance that you might often feel underpaid and being exploited. Depending on the school and the subject you teach, alongside the location, your pay will be decided. But low pay doesn’t mean that you don’t have the opportunity to move up. You can make money, if you execute the right steps.

Dealing with the parents or guardians can be a huge challenge

You might have to encounter with the kiddish and whining behaviour from the parents’ of the students. It will be quite a challenging job to deal with their dominant attitude, who will constantly tell you the ways to teach and handle kids. Angry parents will also be there who will take out their rage on you. Moreover, you will also come across parents who simply don’t care about their kids. You have to keep your patients and handle accordingly.

Be prepared for anything

You have to be literally be prepared for anything. It might happen that you are painted from head to toe as a victim of the students’ prank. A child might get sick and puke all over your new clothes. There might be electricity disruptions, natural calamities, unrest in the school or outside. As a teacher, you have to expect the unexpected and handle them all like a pro with a big smile on your face. Do you have plans to become a teacher as It is a noble profession. It is all about commitment and much more.

Undergoing PVG check

You might be asked to undergo PVG check or evaluation. Since you will be directly communicating and interacting with small children and kids, it is essential to know about their behaviour and attitude towards them. PVG check will analyze whether you are eligible for teaching or not. For more information, you can visit