Advantages And Disadvantages Of Beer Bottle Packaging

Beer is more than just an alcoholic beverage. It has become part of culture throughout the world. Some use beers for gatherings and celebrations while others have beer on daily basis including during meals. There are four types of beer packaging. These are bottles, cans, casks and kegs. And just like the other three types of beer packaging, beer bottle packaging has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of beer bottle packaging.


  1. Can be used for other purposes – Unknown to the public, there are countries which use beer bottles as part of their house security system. Beer bottles are broken down into sharp pieces and then placed at the top of the fences and walls to prevent theft and break ins.
  2. Easier to drink with – In comparison to cans, many beer lovers still prefer beer bottle packaging since they are much easier to drink with. As long as the mouth of the bottle is not broken then people can enjoy beer the good old way.
  3. Cheaper to recycle – Recycling beer bottles or glasses in general is much cheaper than aluminum cans. This is the reason why beer companies prefer to use beer bottle packaging for distribution than cans and other packaging.
  4. Can be re-used by beer companies – Most companies would prefer to re-use better condition bottles for distribution. The beer bottles will go through a series of cleaning processes and then they are good for recycling. Aluminum cans will have to be completely recycled and are rarely reused by companies.


  1. Breakable – The main disadvantage of beer bottle packaging is that the bottles are easily broken. This makes it a challenge to move the beer bottles during distribution. However, some would simply use coolers to minimize this problem during transport.
  2. Light can pass through – Though beer bottle packaging is designed to minimize the amount of light passing through, it does not completely prevent the light from getting inside the bottle. Light can potentially spoil the beer inside the bottle.
  3. Takes up more space – Unlike cans, which can be stacked efficiently, the necks of the beer bottles take up more space than necessary. This requires companies to use large trucks to transport beer bottles as opposed to beer cans.
  4. Heavier – If you compare the can and the bottle, beer bottle packaging weighs more. This is a factor that prevents individuals from carrying large numbers of beer bottles whereas they will have no trouble carrying beer cans.

Regardless of the disadvantages of beer bottle packaging, it is undeniable that drinking from a beer bottle emits a classic feeling that you just don’t get when drinking from a can. This makes drinking beer more enjoyable and satisfying for beer lovers.