Bubble Football: The Crazy Trend That’s Sweeping the Globe

What do you get when you combine the world’s favorite sport with one of the most fun outdoor activities around? The answer is bubble football, the crazy new trend that’s sweeping the globe – or, rather, bouncing around it.

Bubble football involves decking people out in large inflatable bubbles like those used for zorbing, with only their legs and feet free, and letting them loose on a football field or indoor court. Ostensibly, the objective is to score goals against the opposing team, but the game is so much fun that anyone who has played it will tell you that the final score doesn’t matter.

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From Humble Origins to Worldwide Sensation

Bubble football was born in 2011 when a couple of Norwegian game show hosts decided to see what would happen if they use the zorbing bubbles for a very different purpose. Since then, the game has captured the imagination of millions of people worldwide: it seems like there’s just something about careening around in a giant plastic bubble that holds a cross-cultural fascination. You can now find bubble football establishments almost anywhere in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

Universal Appeal for People of All Ages

Newcomers to the sport often think that dressing in funny suits and chasing after a ball is best left to small children and professional athletes. However, they’ve been known to revise their opinion as they watch a bubble football game in progress, and they’re guaranteed to change their mind completely after a few minutes on the field. Whether it’s an attraction at a kids’ party or a teambuilding exercise for company employees, bubble football has a universal appeal for people of all ages. The sport just seems to bring out your inner child in the best way possible.

No Skill Needed – Just Bring Your Sense of Fun!

You’ve probably seen the videos and the GIFs of bubble football that are going viral on social media, so you probably know that you don’t need a whole lot of skill to enjoy the game. The plastic bubbles make it challenging to move around, so any football skills a person might have won’t count for much, but at the same time, they protect players from injury. The result is that you can play bubble football like a game of human bumper cars. It’s bound to get you tired, but you’re going to enjoy every spill and tumble while you’re at it!