Things you need before becoming a teacher

It goes without saying that teaching is a noble profession. Hence, this is one of the reasons why teachers are respected everywhere around the world. No matter what subject they may teach, whether they are a music teacher from Teach Tutti or a college lecturer fror law, teaching is a tough career path. Teaching as a profession can be extremely demanding, both mentally and physically. But it has its rewards as well. If you have the desire to indulge in teaching, you need to know certain elements before becoming a teacher. Let us have a look.

Time commitment is a must

The span of time, say around 7 to 8 hours that you spend at work must be 100% committed to the kids. You have to realize that your commitment towards preparing lesson plans and allocating assignments and giving not just textbook lessons, but practical lessons are equally vital as an effective teacher at Cognita schools. Apart from the working school days, you have to take part in school plays, sports day, club meets and even going on excursions with kids.

Feel underpaid

The commitment, time and the hard work that a teacher offers is simply impeccable. In relation to it, the pay is not so high. So, there is every chance that you might often feel underpaid and being exploited. Depending on the school and the subject you teach, alongside the location, your pay will be decided. But low pay doesn’t mean that you don’t have the opportunity to move up. You can make money, if you execute the right steps.

Dealing with the parents or guardians can be a huge challenge

You might have to encounter with the kiddish and whining behaviour from the parents’ of the students. It will be quite a challenging job to deal with their dominant attitude, who will constantly tell you the ways to teach and handle kids. Angry parents will also be there who will take out their rage on you. Moreover, you will also come across parents who simply don’t care about their kids. You have to keep your patients and handle accordingly.

Be prepared for anything

You have to be literally be prepared for anything. It might happen that you are painted from head to toe as a victim of the students’ prank. A child might get sick and puke all over your new clothes. There might be electricity disruptions, natural calamities, unrest in the school or outside. As a teacher, you have to expect the unexpected and handle them all like a pro with a big smile on your face. Do you have plans to become a teacher as It is a noble profession. It is all about commitment and much more.

Undergoing PVG check

You might be asked to undergo PVG check or evaluation. Since you will be directly communicating and interacting with small children and kids, it is essential to know about their behaviour and attitude towards them. PVG check will analyze whether you are eligible for teaching or not. For more information, you can visit

Why sending your child to a summer stage school is a great idea

You must be thinking about what to do when the summer vacation of your kid commences? What will be the perfect way of spending this vast vacation? Summer stage schools can be the best option in this regard.

1# Best time to learn something extra:

If you have a child whose age starts from 7-17 years, summer schools can be the best place to spend the vacation. Generally the schools vary on an average of two weeks. During this time your child can gain much more than schools. Summer schools can teach you something more than lessons. To know more have a glance at West End Stage London.

2# Methodology of learning:

The summer schools generally adopt a very unique method of learning. They organise many creative classes which teach your child something special. They teach the students in a very unique way which helps them to understand better. They are committed teachers that guide the students in a very easy way.

3# Different types of courses:

The courses that are included in the summer stage schools are really very unique. It includes script writing, pronunciation, storytelling, language and vocabulary. These courses are mainly designed for the students so that they can overcome any type of stage fear, build confidence and work together. In other words it helps to help to create unity. Finally, ensure your son/daughter is being educated by people that have undergone crb checks from crb direct.

4# Develop many social habits:

The summer schools are considered to be perfect in order to develop some habits like greeting people, behaving properly with each other etc. These types of habits are very much needed in future. If you work in a company and you don’t have the basic manner then it is really shameful. Summer schools help in building these habits at a very tender age. These types of habits also help in building a strong moral character.

5# Summer schools help to develop friendship among each other:

The summer schools are found to be very beneficial in building friendship. Students usually gather from different religions and cultures. Hence they get mix with each other. This helps the habit of mixing with each other. This in fact one of the great advantage of summer stage schools.. Summer stage schools helps in building a great career and life of children. They also help in building a good moral character of a human being. Students also enjoy learning a lot of activities in this school. They participate actively in these schools.

Hence gone are the days when summer vacations were really boring for the kids. They had nothing to do. Now you can enjoy your entire summer vacation and can also gain some knowledge that might be helpful for you in future. You have to just enrol your kid in any of the summer stage schools and then see the difference at the end of the session. It is for sure that there will be abrupt changes in your child’s behaviour and attitude at the end of the summer stage school. You will really be amazed to see the new change of your child.

What to consider when planning a garden party

Are you planning to throw a garden party this summer season? You have decided on the guests and the food, but you are yet to decide on the location. How about your own backyard garden? Here are some things to consider while planning a party in your garden

Preparing the food

Food is one of the main attractions while considering a garden party. Barbecue is always a lucrative dish at an outdoor garden party and you can try out from a variety of options when it comes to preparing a barbecue. You can consider non vegetarian dishes like chicken and fish and grilled tomatoes, potatoes and carrots. Salads are also a great choice for an outdoor garden party. Try and keep the food fresh, light and seasonal as well. You can also try out local fruits. if you want to keep it fresh and healthy, make sure to visit Clearspring as they have a great selection of healthy products available.

Planning on the decoration

If you want to decorate your garden party, then you can do so with the help of flowers, decorative leaves, potted herbs, greenery and succulents. Decorate the garden with long wooden tables with flowing garlands and family style dishes.

Cover the garden with a shade

If you are planning to host a party in the garden, then it is important to ensure that the garden is covered with a shade. There may be times when it might rain and this may play a spoilsport on your food as well as the decorations and the guests as well. Thus, cover the garden with a colorful shade or you can even hire some colorful big sized umbrellas where you can take cover in case there is a storm or heavy torrential rain.

Send invitation to guests two weeks in advance, plan out a particular theme for the party, serve dry food and drinks like lemonade and set up the table with floral arrangements. You can also arrange for entertainments for kids like jam sessions and poetry reading sessions in the garden party.

These are the various things that you should consider while planning a garden party in your backyard. You can take more ideas from Benton Arboriculture and make it as informal as you want.

Benefits of a recruitment company

There are a lot of reasons like why a company should be noted for these things and why can’t the recruitment be done without the need of such companies. Well, there are a few points that should be considered.

The recruitment companies can really help you a lot in finding a good and perfect job. Many times it happens that we don’t get the correct job that we are looking for and we often lead to disappointments. These problems are sorted if we try well and the recruitment is good. There are a several recruitment agencies and companies that will help the normal people a lot by their work and tasks. The tasks really help a lot.

Why to trust these companies

The question that arises, the next is that why a person should trust these companies. A person if he or she wants can do the total work of finding a suitable job very easily without depending too much and by not spending a lot of money. Well, you can do the work yourself but generally it will take a longer time and you will hamper a lot of time. The companies are very much experienced and they know exactly what to do and how to do the total work, so you can rely on them. The work can be done with a lot of ease and flexibility. The work will be done perfectly and you will find a good job.


These types of companies that are available on the internet can provide you with a very good experience. You can trust these types of companies without thinking much about your work. The companies can also be searched in the web before you choose the company which you think will be suitable for you. The companies have got a lot of experience so it will become easier for you to search for a good job.

The services provided

The services that will be provided by the company to the customers should be good. There are several companies that do their tasks on time and are very good companies. The companies such as zap recruitment are very good in completing their task on time and very perfectly. The tasks given to them are done very orderly and very perfectly. The services that the recruitment companies provide are generally good and worth the money and the time spent so the companies can be relied on. The companies finish up your task of finding the job in a short time that is also good.

If you are a company looking to hire new employees, then going through a recruitment agency that checks peoples employment history through Pragmatic Compliance is a must. you can also visit Cezanne HR who offer a smart software for your business which helps you manage all your potential job offers and recruitments.

Coffee taking the over nation

If you’re British then you’re probably used to everyone expecting you to drink tea. It’s a century old stereotype but let’s face it we love it. There are so many quintessentially British cultural traditions that we wouldn’t do without. The only difference being that these traditions is evolving.

Brits everywhere are swapping their teas for coffees and there is no surprising why when there are coffee shops popping up on every street corner. They have a certain allure to them with their free wifi and kitchy décor and abundance of hipsters sitting in there getting their daily fix.


It’s almost like it’s become an addiction, some people can’t walk two feet without a coffee cup in their hand. They’re even reinventing coffee itself with iced lattes, frappucinos and skinny mocha whatever-they-ares. I almost feel lost walking into a coffee shop now because I just don’t know what to pick.

I myself still remain an avid tea drinker but to be slightly honest I am converting.There’s nothing better than a nice hot drink to wale you up in the morning and your hands warming up against the paper/plastic coffee cups.

One thing is for sure coffee may be becoming the new stone that Britain is built on. A nation under one drink, coffee. Noble Espresso, Mobile Barista London and get your daily fix and it’ll guaranteed give your day the boost it needs.

A Few Things You Should Know About Chiropractic Adjustment

You might think that you would benefit from seeing a qualified chiropractor but are hesitant to make an appointment because you are not sure what the treatment process involves. Here is some information to help to put your mind at rest. Once you understand what goes on in a chiropractor’s clinic, you may feel more comfortable about going to see one and the possible benefits make this a decision well worth making.

Information about Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments are most commonly used by chiropractors in the treatment of low back pain. There are many different styles of adjustment which are used by chiropractors according to the training they have received.

Also, there can be different reasons for chiropractors using adjustments. Some chiropractors may be particularly focussing on the alignment of the patient. At other times chiropractors may be taking more of a biomechanical approach and the reason for adjusting may be more to attempt to restore the range of movement to a particular joint.

The spectrum of adjustments goes from high-velocity, low amplitude thrusts (known as HVLA thrusts) through to cranial type adjustments which may involve almost no movement or force and where the chiropractor just seems to be holding the patient in a particular position. This type of chiropractic is known as in cranial work.

Midway in the spectrum between high velocity thrusts and cranial type of work is the McTimoney chiropractic style of chiropractic adjustment. These adjustments are of a “springing” type. That is the bone or joint being adjusted is “sprung” at speed in the desired direction but with a relatively low level of force.

The theory behind this springing action is to attempt to let the body have the chance for that bone or joint to settle down in a very slightly different alignment. While HVLA adjustments often cause “cavitation”, that is an audible sound, generally McTimoney adjustments are silent. Not all of the McTimoney adjustments are done at high speed. Some, such as the standard McTimoney chiropractic shoulder adjustment happen at quite a slow speed but it would be true to say the majority are rapid.

Whatever the adjusting style of the chiropractor, the chiropractor would always look to modify their treatment approach in the light of the patient’s age, pain levels and physical condition. Most patients will be at least a little apprehensive before their first visit, especially as they are likely to be suffering from back or neck pain before they even booked the visit.

However, after the first visit, most patients will realise any feelings of apprehension they had were over exaggerated. Indeed most patients come to look forward to their return visit to the chiropractor and the benefits treatment brings. Occasionally there can be “reactions” to treatment where the patient experiences an increase in (typically) how much they ache over a couple of days after the first session of adjustment.

Usually this reaction diminishes with each visit to the chiropractor. This reaction is best thought of the body both getting used to the treatment and perhaps to their body beginning to work in a slightly different way. The occurrence of a reaction has no significance in terms of whether the treatment is ultimately adjudged to be successful or not.

Most chiropractors nowadays effectively offer some sort of combination therapy whereby chiropractic adjustments will happen side by side with mobilisations to increase joint mobility and soft-tissue release for tight muscles.

Additional help for the patient comes in the form of advice such as postural and lifting advice and suggestions for helpful exercise. If the chiropractor realises he or she does not have the relevant skill set in-house to help the patient, he or she should try to refer the patient on to the most appropriate type of practitioner.

Patients most commonly seek chiropractic care for lower back pain but in fact many of the joints of the body can receive chiropractic adjustment. Most patients who attend at chiropractic clinic have self-referred rather than been referred by a medical doctor.

Because historically chiropractic care has been focussed on the spine, most self-referrals will be for some type of spinal problem. Often, again because of the history of chiropractic, the patient will often have the concern that there is something about the alignment of their spine and /or pelvis which is contributing to the cause or maintenance of whatever problem is concerning them.

If you are suffering from lower back pain or have other postural or musculoskeletal concerns you could consider contacting your local chiropractor for a full musculoskeletal assessment to see if chiropractic and adjunctive treatment (mobilisation of joints, soft-tissue release of muscles, corrective exercise etc) may be of benefit to you. Contact the Hunter Clinic in London on 07855 916 602 for more information.

Bubble Football: The Crazy Trend That’s Sweeping the Globe

What do you get when you combine the world’s favorite sport with one of the most fun outdoor activities around? The answer is bubble football, the crazy new trend that’s sweeping the globe – or, rather, bouncing around it.

Bubble football involves decking people out in large inflatable bubbles like those used for zorbing, with only their legs and feet free, and letting them loose on a football field or indoor court. Ostensibly, the objective is to score goals against the opposing team, but the game is so much fun that anyone who has played it will tell you that the final score doesn’t matter.

You can hire Bubble Football from a london based supplier, from £275 for an hour. Not bad if there’s 22 of you!

From Humble Origins to Worldwide Sensation

Bubble football was born in 2011 when a couple of Norwegian game show hosts decided to see what would happen if they use the zorbing bubbles for a very different purpose. Since then, the game has captured the imagination of millions of people worldwide: it seems like there’s just something about careening around in a giant plastic bubble that holds a cross-cultural fascination. You can now find bubble football establishments almost anywhere in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

Universal Appeal for People of All Ages

Newcomers to the sport often think that dressing in funny suits and chasing after a ball is best left to small children and professional athletes. However, they’ve been known to revise their opinion as they watch a bubble football game in progress, and they’re guaranteed to change their mind completely after a few minutes on the field. Whether it’s an attraction at a kids’ party or a teambuilding exercise for company employees, bubble football has a universal appeal for people of all ages. The sport just seems to bring out your inner child in the best way possible.

No Skill Needed – Just Bring Your Sense of Fun!

You’ve probably seen the videos and the GIFs of bubble football that are going viral on social media, so you probably know that you don’t need a whole lot of skill to enjoy the game. The plastic bubbles make it challenging to move around, so any football skills a person might have won’t count for much, but at the same time, they protect players from injury. The result is that you can play bubble football like a game of human bumper cars. It’s bound to get you tired, but you’re going to enjoy every spill and tumble while you’re at it!


Making Your Wedding Magical: How to Hire a London Magician for Your Wedding

If you have a taste for mystical tricks and astounding acts, then you should definitely consider hiring a magician for your wedding in London. Such a performer can provide unique entertainment that will captivate everyone from the littlest flower girl to your new father-in-law. Better still, a magician’s sleight-of-hand will get your wedding guests talking, breaking the ice and keeping them occupied while the bride and groom are busy elsewhere.

Not all magicians are created equal, however, and finding the right one can be a tricky business. Here are some tips to help you hire the best London magician for your wedding.

Polished Website for Polished Acts

When you’re looking for a London magician, the internet is your friend. You may feel a bit overwhelmed when you see how many search results you get, but it’s easy to weed out the amateurs from the pros. One look at a magician’s website will tell you a lot. Magicians who are serious about their work will have taken the trouble to polish and refine their website, with content such as example videos and testimonials from previous customers. All that, while slapdash websites that are low in quality and content, usually indicate a performer who’s still trying to find his niche. A good website should also show what props and decorations they usually bring to their performances. With a good performer, you would expect them to bring decor to set the stage, things like balloons, lights & even banners or signs from They should also come with a whole box full of props and modern equipment for tricks. If possible, make sure you can see some kind of certificate to say it has been safety checked, and when this was last done.

Search for Show Reels

Think of a show reel as a magician’s portfolio. Short of going to see him perform live, it’s the best way to find out if a magician can meet your expectations. When you watch a magician’s show reel, you’ll learn about the tricks he has in his repertoire and the quality of his showmanship. If the magicians you’re interested in don’t have such a video on their site, ask them where you can find footage of a past performance.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

It’s also important to find out what previous clients have to say. Look for testimonials on the magician’s website, and compare them to reviews from independent sources. You’ll find that the best London magicians have developed something of an online following, with fans taking to social media to talk about their amazing feats.

Meet the Magician

Don’t wait till your wedding day to meet your magician! After you’ve found a likely act, arrange to meet him in person before agreeing to hire him for the big day. You need to do this to make sure that the magician’s personality is a good fit for your wedding party.

Where to find high end, luxury mirrors in London

London is home to not only some of the best interior designers but it’s also home to some of the best furniture shops in the world. Be it new, or antique, London has it all.

One of those shops I recently found was Overmantels Mirrors who specialise in beautiful, bespoke mirrors. Based in Battersea, they stock a wide range of mirrors from traditional to antique.

Living in a classic townhouse in London I wanted to go for a classic style mirror for the dinning room, their experienced team made choosing a mirror a doddle.

If you’re moving to London you may find that living space may not be as big as you are used to if you’re living out of the big city so mirrors are a big seller in London to manipulate the size of rooms.


If you are considering moving to London that you may want to check out this post with 3 factors you may need to consider.

13 Interesting Facts about Shepherd’s Bush in London

Shepherd‘s Bush is an 8-acre multicultural neighborhood nestled within the West London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. While it’s a tiny area that is seldom mentioned in books, TV and film adaptations, and songs, it’s brimming with establishments that suggest to tourists and residents of nearby neighborhoods to avoid missing out on the chance to check out all that it has to offer. From cafes, comedy bars, first-class pubs, and rowdy bars to music halls, restaurants, shopping centers, and theatres, the place seems to be one of the most colorful entertainment hubs in London.

Here are 13 interesting facts:

  1. According to a theory, its name was coined due to shepherds’ use of the common land as a resting spot whenever they proceed to London’s Smithfield Market. Another rumor goes that, since it was recorded as Sheppards Bush Green in 1635, it was named after a resident.
  2. Famous musicians in the likes of Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, R.E.M., and The Rolling Stones have performed in its music halls including the Bush Hall, Ginglik, and the Shepherd’s Bush Empire.
  3. From its center (also known as Shepherd’s Bush Common and Shepherd’s Bush Green), Westfield – Europe’s biggest indoor shopping center – is just a stone’s throw away.
  4. It is bordered by exciting London Boroughs including Acton, Kensington, Holland Park, and Notting Hill.
  5. It is serviced by 5 underground stations namely Goldhawk Road station, Shepherd’s Bush Market station, Shepherd’s Bush station (or the tube), White City station, and Wood Lane station.
  6. It is the home of legendary rock n’ roll groups including The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and The Who.
  7. It is the location of The Bush Theatre – a prestigious writing theatre with the highest standards.
  8. It is the location of globally known entertainment studios including the BBC TV Centre, Endemol, and Escape Studios.
  9. Its central market, the Shepherd’s Bush Market, is a favorite of the Caribbean community and is open to the public 6 times a week.
  10. Its Northern region, White City, is home to the historical White City Estate, a housing estate that was built in the 1930s and has become a notable tourist destination.
  11. Its streets are surrounded by outstanding classical architecture in the form of Elizabethan and Victorian houses.
  12. The list of popular landmarks that can be accessed via the tube (within an hour) from the center of the neighborhood includes Kings Cross, The London Eye, The National Gallery, and The Tower of London.
  13. Within, there are 5-star hotels, flats, serviced apartments, and vacation cottages that visitors can use if they plan on staying for more than a day.