The health benefits of wine

If you are quite judgmental, drinking wine can be something, which is unethical. But, it is not that bad. If wine is consumed in a controlled amount, it can have a number of good sides, though; though cannot be considered as a medicine. But knowing the good sides of wine is something essential.

If you drink wine a lot, it is definitely not good. But if you consume wine on a controlled basis, it will definitely not harm you in the long run. But it is also advisable that you drink wine occasionally, but not every day. Sometimes, you can even find doctors prescribing brandies, which is one variant of wine, with different quantity of alcohol content within it. There are numerous good sides of wine, and some of them are quite noticeable. Here are the top 5 benefits of consuming wine, though there are many others, which are not included here, as they are not easily visible. If you want to know more such ways, wine can be helpful, you can visit, Twelve by seventy five, for similar such information. Twelve-By-Seventy-Five bring benefits to wine that you may never knew were possible, such as earning money!

Be smarter

Resveratrol is a compound or substance, which is present in wine and can help you to improve your short term memory, which is the backbone of being smart. In a test, it was found that those persons, who consumed wine, had a better response related to short term memory, compared to those, who did not consume it.

Keep away acne and pimples

If you suffer from acne and pimples a lot, wine can help you get out of it. Wine contains benzyl peroxide and it can help your skin, fight pimples and acne. But, you should consult your doctor for sure, before considering it as a panacea.

Get better bones, heart and brain

Wine can also help your brain, heart and bones, function in a proper manner. If you go to a gym, along with wine, it can give an all-round development to your health. Thus, it can also improve the results of going to the gym.

Say goodbye to liver problems

If you consume little amount of wine, everyday, or you consume in modest amounts it can help you reduce the risks of liver diseases. Though, if you are suffering from any liver disease, you should surely talk to your doctor.

Get healthier eyes

Apart from helping you with a smarter brain, Resveratrol can also help you to improve your eyes. Wine can keep away a kind of diabetes, which has adverse effect on your eyes. Thus, if you want healthier eyes, wine can be something, which you can look for, apart from taking generic care of your eyes.

The History of London

The capital city of England and the United Kingdom is London, which has a history that spans over 2,000 years. Today, it is one of the world’s most important financial and cultural capitals. London has its share of tragic past, such as the Great Fire, constant aerial attacks, plagues, terrorist infiltrations, and civil war. The main financial and historical hub is the City of London, a small part of the bigger city of Greater London.

London got its name during the 1st century when it came under the rule of the Romans. The frequent use of Londin and Lundin during the Roman era must have paved the way for it to be called Londinium when it became the Romans’ commercial center.

Pre-historic London was a tiny pastoral area with few settlers. The area may have been small, but finding the Battersea Shield in the Thames, which dates back to that period, signified its importance. Other excavations in the Thames yielded rich finds, like a number of timbers constructed vertically into the ground that suggests that the Thames is a boundary, with a bridge to cross an island, and other kinds of weapons that include spearheads.

It was during the Roman times in 410 AD that Londinium was created as a small town that is just the size of Hyde Park. Queen Boudica and the Iceni destroyed the small town, but it was re-constructed by the Romans within a decade, after which it rapidly flourished to eventually become the capital of Roman Britain (Britannia).

During the 5th century, the Anglo-Saxons settled just outside the walls that the Romans have erected, and established a trading post somewhere between the areas of Aldwych and Trafalgar Square. Excavations dating back to that era show sophistication in the way the area was organized, which followed a pattern that suggested a big population of some 10-12,000 people.


The Norman London happened during late 15th century and was characterized by strong fortresses, including the infamous Tower of London. It was also at this the time when the first stone castle of England was built, when the wooden wall was entirely replaced by stone. The Normans did this to show their domination over the native population.