Top property consultants in London

Property consultants play an important role for finding the best property in the city. Though you can also find it yourself, Property Consultants can make your job a lot easier, compared to doing it on your own. They have great contacts and connections with strucutal engineers such as Newtecnic to give you more of an insight to the properties available for you to choose from

You can find property consultants in all the cities in both the US and the UK. An estate agents that comes highly recommend from us is Harlands, they’re based in London, go check them out! You should definitely keep in touch with one of them, if you reallocate from one place to another for work purposes or similar other reasons. Even if, you are not in the business of real estate, property consultants can really help you in numerous ways.

Importance of real estate agents

Apart from it, if you deal in real estate, keeping in touch with the top property consultants in a place is quite helpful, and you should definitely do that, in order to keep away all kind of hassles related to properties.

The points that can be helpful

But you can find numerous property consultants in London, you might find problems in finding the best property consultants, who can actually come and help you. Thus you should check a few aspects in a property consultant, and the points are collected from Loc8 Commercial. You can also find a lot of other points, if you visit the website.

Commission deduction

The first and the most important aspect is the commission. The less amount of commission that is deducted, the better will be the property consultant. You should check the amount of commission they deduct by asking for the same property for multiple real estate agents, and you get the answer.

Network of communication

The next most important aspect is the communication. The real estate agents can communicate with multiple places in a particular country or outside it for providing you the best deals. Thus, it is advisable that you check the network in which the property consultants work. The better the network, the better will be the property consultant. Thus, try out of you Property Consultants just to check the speed of service.

Speed of service

The speed of service also plays an important role. Though it might take some time for any real estate agent to give you the best deals, but the less time the real estate agent takes, to give you the deal, the better is the agent. But you should first try out a few of the real estate agents and property consultants, in order to check, who is providing you the best service. Apart from everything, behavior also plays an important role, which you should definitely not neglect.

The importance of fire risk assessment and how it is carried out

Fire risk assesment

Among the most important tasks that should be carried out before starting any kind of activity is to do a fire risk assessment. Question might come in your mind, why to carry out assessment, when you can simply keep a fire extinguisher and fire alarms in the place where the activity will be done. The answer is simple. Fire accident is one of the most destructive kind of accidents, which leave a lot of people injured, and sometimes that can also be dreadful.

The objective

You should first know the objective of such an assessment. The assessment will not only find the level of risks that is associated in your place, but it can also help you to get a number of ways to tackle such fire related accidents. The objective of fire risk assessment is to find the risks associated with various kind of fire breakouts. There can be various kind of fire accident that might take place. Depending upon the level of fire that break out, the level of accidents is also a matter to change. Risk assessment of fire will give you a quantitative information about, how different kinds of fire accidents can affect your place and activities.

The steps

If you want to do fire risk assessment at your place, you have to go to a few steps before the assessment is being carried out where you want. Your first task would be to talk to the fire authority that is available in your country or in your state. You will have to request for a fire is assessment at your place, and it will be after a few days, maybe after a week, then the fire risk assessment will be done at your place.

The report

The fire risk assessment is complete, the experts may tell you the level of risks that the place is prone to, but they will also generate a report, which will see additional details about it. You might not understand anything from the report, as it will be a little scientific in nature, but the report is the most important piece of document that you should keep with yourself. You might be provided to the fire safety authorities, who will install proper instruments to tackle fire accidents.

Knowing the report

Fire risk assessment is also an important task because if you are going to start your new office of production plant in a particular area, a lot of clients will ask for a fire is assessment, such that they understand whether your new office or your new factories safe enough. Keeping all the aspects in mind, it is very important that you do a fire risk assessment your place.

Framing the report

You can also display your fire risk assessment report by framing it, and keeping it at the office. It will help the client and the customers to understand whether your place is safe enough, and they will not have to ask for it from you every time you want to see it. Though there are a number of other authorities, who can do fire risk assessment, but you should always approach the certified fire authority.

Travelling To Work Around London

If you live and work in London then you will have faced the nightmare that is commuting. London is so tightly packed that even driving in the city isn’t a good idea. In fact if you do decide to drive then there wouldn’t be much of a point as there wouldn’t be anywhere for you to even park. It is because of the traffic in an around London that people are having to become more inventive with their modes of transport. If you want some ideas then here are a few ways to get around that won’t involve you shelling out hundreds of pounds on petrol.


If you live within London and near your workplace then you have the luxury of walking. Branding walking as a luxury may seem like a joke but truthfully due to the abundance of vehicles walking might just be a lot quicker. Besides it is a great way to stay fit and healthy and really observe the city you live in.



Cycling is a lot speedier than walking, which is why it is a great method of transport around London. The lightweight frame of a bicycle means that you can dodge about the busy London scene with ease. The only difficulty that you may face with a bike is that you will have to cycle in the road, this is potentially dangerous as not all driver pay attention to cyclists.o-BIKE-TO-WORK-DAY-2013-facebook


People often mistake scooters for a child’s toy but a new trend that has come about is the adult kick scooter. Again you can travel at a much faster pace but with a scooter you have access to the pavement making it a lot safer for you.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 17.07.37


For a more retro way to get around why not take a skateboard. You can simply hop on and off at your pleasure and weaving around the walking traffic is so much easier.


Smart Meters in London – What You Need to Know


Smart meters collect data about your electricity consumption on an hourly basis before uploading this data to your electricity provider. Approximately 20% of people’s bills are estimated, however smart meters monitor actual consumption each hour. Smart meters are great for monitoring your consumption in a heavily populated area like London, another reason to buy smart meters.

What’s in it For Me?

A smart meter takes over 8,760 meter readings each year, instead of the average 6-12 readings. Companies and employees also work with the data they receive to try and conserve energy. They break down data to create custom reports for their customers, breaking down usage by appliance and giving conservation tips based on usage patterns. A pilot study in America achieved a 4% reduction in electricity use compared to a control group over only 4 months with a small sample size. Imagine the results that could be achieved if everyone was given advice on conservation!

Common Misconceptions

  • Health

There are concerns that smart meters emit low frequency radio waves, which could be harmful to individuals with sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. However, government conducted research has found no evidence to support this claim.

  • Cost

There is no direct, up-front charge for having a smart meter installed. Instead, the costs are spread over the lifetime of the meter, which could be up to 25 years. With predicted savings from £20 to £50, smart meters could actually pay for themselves.

  • Noise

In the early days of smart meters, there were some complaints of high-pitched whining noises or ticking sounds. However, with more up-to-date technology, smart meters do not make any noise at all nowadays.

  • Switching Suppliers

You can still switch gas or electricity suppliers if you have a smart meter. Your new supplier can only swap your meter if they replace it with a more modern and advanced one. But it is possible that your new supplier does not support smart meters yet.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Beer Bottle Packaging

Beer is more than just an alcoholic beverage. It has become part of culture throughout the world. Some use beers for gatherings and celebrations while others have beer on daily basis including during meals. There are four types of beer packaging. These are bottles, cans, casks and kegs. And just like the other three types of beer packaging, beer bottle packaging has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of beer bottle packaging.


  1. Can be used for other purposes – Unknown to the public, there are countries which use beer bottles as part of their house security system. Beer bottles are broken down into sharp pieces and then placed at the top of the fences and walls to prevent theft and break ins.
  2. Easier to drink with – In comparison to cans, many beer lovers still prefer beer bottle packaging since they are much easier to drink with. As long as the mouth of the bottle is not broken then people can enjoy beer the good old way.
  3. Cheaper to recycle – Recycling beer bottles or glasses in general is much cheaper than aluminum cans. This is the reason why beer companies prefer to use beer bottle packaging for distribution than cans and other packaging.
  4. Can be re-used by beer companies – Most companies would prefer to re-use better condition bottles for distribution. The beer bottles will go through a series of cleaning processes and then they are good for recycling. Aluminum cans will have to be completely recycled and are rarely reused by companies.


  1. Breakable – The main disadvantage of beer bottle packaging is that the bottles are easily broken. This makes it a challenge to move the beer bottles during distribution. However, some would simply use coolers to minimize this problem during transport.
  2. Light can pass through – Though beer bottle packaging is designed to minimize the amount of light passing through, it does not completely prevent the light from getting inside the bottle. Light can potentially spoil the beer inside the bottle.
  3. Takes up more space – Unlike cans, which can be stacked efficiently, the necks of the beer bottles take up more space than necessary. This requires companies to use large trucks to transport beer bottles as opposed to beer cans.
  4. Heavier – If you compare the can and the bottle, beer bottle packaging weighs more. This is a factor that prevents individuals from carrying large numbers of beer bottles whereas they will have no trouble carrying beer cans.

Regardless of the disadvantages of beer bottle packaging, it is undeniable that drinking from a beer bottle emits a classic feeling that you just don’t get when drinking from a can. This makes drinking beer more enjoyable and satisfying for beer lovers.


How To Avoid Car Burglaries

Aside from homes, cars are often the target of burglaries including in Romford. Parked cars usually are unattended making it susceptible for burglary. Due to this fact, it is equally important to take care of your car just like your house to discourage burglars from attempting any action. Here are several tips in minimizing the chance of having someone broke into your car courtesy of Romford Locks.

  1. Consider the parking location – The place where you park your car should be well lit and bright. Bright places make it difficult for burglars to do suspicious activities with your car. Dark places are perfect for burglary since they provide perfect cover for their actions.
  2. Lock all doors – Sometimes we forgot to lock the door. It is important to check if all the doors are locked before leaving the car. If you leave a door unlocked, it is like saying you can check and get what is inside my car.
  3. Lock all windows – Check if all the windows are close. Open windows will make it easier for burglars to open the door or simply grab the valuables from the car.
  4. Do not keep any valuables in the car – Gadgets like cellphones, tablets or laptops are easy to carry and sell which make them ideal to steal for burglars. Do not leave any of them to minimize the value of stolen items in case criminals can gain access to your car. Leaving behind money and jewelries is also unwise. They are easy to carry and will definitely attract unwanted attentions if left inside the car especially in plain sight. Important documents might also attract burglars since it can be used to blackmail you for more money.
  5. Always take the keys with you – Your keys are very important. Burglars can use your keys to steal the whole car and if done unnoticed, your car will be long gone before you can even alarm the police. Another common scenario is that people who stole cars simply drove the cars throughout the highway causing havoc to other drivers which might eventually ruin the car. This could increase your car insurance premiums.
  6. Close the garage after parking the car – If you have a garage always park your car inside it and then make sure it is locked. This will make it harder for burglars to gain access to your car unlike cars parked in plain view.
  7. Make sure your car alarm works – Always check your car alarm for it is an important piece of your car security system. If the alarm sounds, burglars will fled the scene right away.
  8. Hire locksmiths in Romford – Have a locksmith check if the lock in your car can be easily accessed or hard to unlock. Replace the lock if necessary including the one in the trunk.Car+Window

Your car is important to your life. It provides you transportation as well as storage for important stuffs that you need to carry all the time. Make sure you take all necessary precautions in order to avoid car burglaries. Always remember that minor practices could make a difference of avoiding such situations or being involved in one.

Why You Should Get Artificial Grass

3 Major Advantages of Synthetic Turf

A well-manicured lawn is part of any homeowner’s pride. It’s a great space to bond with family and friends, or to simply enjoy the weather on a good day. Of course, that gorgeous green is just a joy to look at as well.

But all that beauty does come at a cost. Maintaining a lawn requires time, effort, and money. Not to mention a working green thumb (or at least the basic ability to grow greenery).

Maybe some of these concerns have kept you from having the lush outdoor space that you deserve, or maybe you’ve started to get tired of maintaining the perfect lawn you already have. If so, then artificial grass might be the answer for you.

Here are three reasons why you should go synthetic:

  1. Less maintenance necessary

Gone are the days of weeding, mowing and trimming.

With artificial grass, very minimal maintenance is required. You won’t need to lug around a mower (or pay someone to do it for you) and you won’t need to spend hours on your hands and knees, pulling out weeds.

All the time you would normally spend keeping your lawn in tip-top condition can go to other things—like actually enjoying the outdoors, just relaxing, or doing other productive tasks.

Of course, maintenance is still required on synthetic turf. Most have a rubber filling underneath to keep the surface soft and give it bounce. This will have to be re-filled occasionally, although certainly not with the regularity of mowing or weeding.

With artificial grass, being embarrassed by an unkempt lawn is not even a possibility.

  1. Durability and longevity

A synthetic lawn is much less fragile compared to a natural one. After all, artificial grass was originally intended for use in sporting arenas. It was meant to weather the wear and tear caused by sports like football, which inevitably cause damage to natural turf.

If you like to play sports that can be rough on the terrain or simply want a green walkway, then this is the perfect option for you. Not only does it hold up under heavy usage, it also never gets muddy or slippery during the wet season. It’s perfect the whole year round.

You will never have to worry about unsightly patches of dead grass caused by overuse or the weather.

Lastly, because artificial grass doesn’t die, there is no need to replant—a task that is essential for the upkeep of natural grass.

  1. Save water and the environment

If you live in an area where water is limited or where using sprinklers and hosepipes is banned, then artificial grass is even more advantageous.

Lessening your water consumption not only saves you money, it is also more environment-friendly. In a time where water shortage is felt around the world, reducing consumption is more important than ever.

Also, you won’t need fertilizers and chemicals to maintain synthetic grass, which means you are saving the environment by not adding to the pollution that these chemicals cause.

Artificial grass is the practical choice, both economically and environmentally.

Can NLP Give You New Skills and Expertise in a Day?

Human behavior is shaped by the brain. The organ structure and biochemistry influence a person’s consciousness and subjective experience, as well as his learning abilities.

It is believed by many linguistic experts that the intricate links between neurological processes, language, and behavior are largely influenced by experience. As such, behavior modification can be made possible by introducing changes in a person’s life and experiences.

What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP, was conceived in the 1970s in California, United States by two linguists, Richard Bandler and John Grinder. According to them, neural and language processes can be programmed through the introduction of specific words, ideas, and movements.

The NLP approach makes lofty claims such as being able to imbue virtually anyone with skills that only someone with savant capabilities naturally possesses. In a span of one session, it is also supposedly able to treat psychological illnesses such as learning disorders, psychosomatic illnesses, phobias, and depression. It further holds that it can cure physical conditions such as allergies, myopia, and the common cold.

NLP London courses in London. By Toby & Kate McCartney.

NLP’s Main Principles

The main principles behind NLP consist of the following:

  1. Consciousness. The subjective experience of the individual is represented by the conscious and the unconscious components of the mind. Both occur within and outside of the person’s awareness.
  1. Subjectivity. The world is experienced by each individual in a unique fashion, and his behavior is understood in terms of the subjective representations of the five sensory facilities, as well as language. Inside of the individual’s mind, he is able to see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and make sense of these sensations through some form of language.
  1. Learning. The person’s verbal and non verbal expressions, inclusive of both the adaptive and pathological actions, all comprise the unique spectrum of behavior acquired as a result of the interaction of the five senses. Consequently, any change applied to these aspects, which NLP qualifies as a learning experience, can effect a permanent change.

Learning through Modeling

Essentially, NLP enables the individual to undergo a process of learning through “modeling” or imitation, which “codifies” another person’s skill or expertise in any given area. During the codification process, the individual will be able to replicate the said skill or expertise by simply copying as closely as possible the described sensory and linguistic experiences. This may involve duplicating the environmental conditions when the skill or expertise was executed, as well as the thoughts, emotions, and sensations experienced by the other person.